CARMA v14.00

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Released: Jun 29, 2017
Updated: Jun 30, 2017 by jmgirard
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Application CARMA v14.00
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Release Notes

Compiled for MCR 9.2 (R2017a) 64-bit Windows version

NOTE: Given the impending shutdown of CodePlex, I am migrating the CARMA webpage to GitHub. Please start accessing CARMA information from:
  • Major Changes
    • Replaced the CARMA website hosted on CodePlex to a new site hosted on GitHub (due to CodePlex shutting down). All links in the program now point to the new website only.
    • Clicking on the annotations axis on the Review window will now seek to different parts of a media file even if no annotation files are loaded.
    • When selecting the Collect window, CARMA will check if a joystick is detected. If not, it will default to using the mouse/keyboard input option; if so, it will prompt the user to select either the mouse/keyboard or joystick input.
    • Redesigned the Collect window to have a graphical representation of media playback and a more attractive rating scale.
    • Replaced the dedicated Configure window with menu options on the Collect window.
    • Added new settings such as volume, sampling rate, bin size, and default folder.
    • The "samples per second" setting has been replaced by the "bin size" setting which is hopefully clearer.
    • Replaced the rating scale graphical functionality to have users select preset colormaps instead of gradient anchor colors.
    • Redesigned the Review window to have buttons for many common menu options and to have these buttons take the place of previous versions' reliability pane.
    • Reliability information is now displayed in the separate Analyze window.
    • Reliability information now includes two RWG reliability indexes.
  • Minor Changes
    • Window sizes are now constrained using java and resize functions are more efficient.
    • Updated the annotations axis on the Review window to be more efficient in updating the timestamp line.
    • Fixed a graphical issue that caused the Launcher window to flicker on loading.
    • Settings are now stored within MATLAB preferences instead of a dedicated .mat file.
    • Users can now opt out of receiving "update available" messages by checking the "do not show this again" box on such a message.
    • Widened the graphical rating scale and narrowed the slider when opening the Collect window with the mouse/keyboard input option selected.
    • The "number of axis steps" setting on the Collect window now only affects the rating scale's axis tick marks and not the width of the slider thumb (which is now set to always be 5% of the slider height).
    • Fixed a bug on the Collect window where error messages and log weren't being created after a timer callback error.
    • Widened the listbox and button widths and shortened the annotation axis and media panes on the Review window.
    • Fixed a bug where underscores in filenames were not displayed properly in the Review window listbox.
    • Implemented code on the launcher window to prevent the creation of multiple instances of the Collect or Review windows. This change should prevent errors from redundant windows.
    • Implemented code on the launcher window to prevent users from opening both the Collect and Review windows at the same time. This prevents lag from both timers running simultaneously and also prevents one window's closerequest function from deleting the other's active timer.

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