Table of Contents
1. Installing the Program
2. The Launcher Window
3. The Collect Window
4. The Review Window
5. The Configure Window
6. Customizing the Program
7. Troubleshooting

Customizing the Program

Accessing the Source Code

The source code for CARMA is freely available and can be accessed at the project’s source control page:

The files can be downloaded in a compressed (.zip) file or forked and cloned using git. Learn more about source control using CodePlex here:

The source code consists of MATLAB code files (.m) with various prefixes. Files starting with fig_ correspond to windows and the functions that control them, while files in the Functions folder correspond to functions shared by multiple other files or borrowed from someone else. There are also readme and license files (.txt).

Modifying the Source Code

Although CARMA is designed to allow easy customization of many of its features, some users may wish to make larger changes than the Configure window can accommodate. This may be accomplished by downloading the source code (described above) and editing it in MATLAB. The MATLAB programming language is intuitive and relatively easy to learn. Learn more about the language here:

Source Code
The source code for the Launcher window opened in MATLAB Editor

Compiling the Source Code

After modifying the source code, users may wish to recompile it into a standalone application. This can be accomplished by running the deploytool MATLAB command. Learn more about compiling here:

Deploytool Wizard
The deploytool wizard provided by MATLAB Compiler
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